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Dream of: 22 July 1985 "Confronting The Devil"

I had been perfunctorily filing papers for some legal cases which I was preparing for trial, but as I looked more closely at the papers, I realized they were actually parts of board games which I had been playing. I was already fairly involved with one of the games, which was quite intriguing. Even as I was still trying to understand the game and determine how to win, I continued playing the game.

It was quickly evident that at certain stages of the game, I would have to confront the devil. When I would first meet the devil in one of the early stages, I would not need to be terribly concerned about the outcome of the confrontation. Defeating the devil was not necessary in the early stage - I simply needed to be aware of the confrontation and learn from it.

However, when I would confront the devil in a later stage of the game, I would definitely need to be concerned about the outcome. In the later stage I would need to use all the skill I could muster, because the devil would be using tricks on me.

As I continued playing the game, I encountered a small statue which looked humanoid, except that the head simply looked like a round ball. The ball-head could be opened to reveal a set of teeth inside. I immediately knew that - as part of the game - I needed to twist the ball-head off the statue. I grabbed the ball-head with my hand, wrenched it off, and threw it down. I also uttered some words to indicate that I was performing this action for the benefit of God, and that I myself was not responsible for what I was doing.

Once I had performed the rite, I realized the statue had represented the devil. Since I had twisted the head off the devil for this one particular stage of the game, I no longer needed to concern myself about this stage. Now I should move on to other stages of the game.

I also knew that this was only an early stage. In a later stage of the game, I would once again be presented with the opportunity to twist off the head of the devil, but the next time, the task would be more complicated and require more cunning. Merely twisting off the head might not be sufficient. In the later stage, the devil might be able to live, even though the head had been wrenched off.

Commentary of 14 July 2019

Now, almost 34 years after this dream, I am in the later stage of the game.

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