Dream of: 21 July 1985 "Chasm In The Cemetery"

I was at a party with several other people, including mother (only about 30 years old) who had black hair and who reminded me somewhat both of my sister and of my ex-wife, Louise. She seemed to be rather unhappy. I talked with her for a while and then turned around with my back to her. As I continued talking to her with my back to her, she reached around me and put her hand on my penis.

I turned back around toward her and continued talking to her. She apparently had been drinking alcohol rather extensively and appeared intoxicated.

She decided to leave the party and go home and without saying anything, she picked up her coat and walked out the front door. When I realized she had left, I ran outside to follow her. I knew she lived nearby and I thought she was probably intending to simply walk home.

Outside, I found myself on the corner of a busy street which my mother had already crossed. But she had to again cross the street farther down the block to get to where she was going. I crossed the street and walked down the block to where she would have to cross, but she crossed the street at a different point from where I had expected and she ended up about a half block ahead of me. I began running toward her, with the street on my right. On my left was some kind of indistinct building, perhaps a church or a school. She walked onto the lawn of the building, took off her coat and laid it down. When some black men approached her, I called to her, "Patty. Watch out. There's a man."

She had her back to the man about whom I was hollering and she couldn't see him. When he stood still, I ran up to him and told him to stay away from my mother. He stood up on a marble rock and indicated that he had only come there to practice making a speech and he declared, "I'm an astronaut."

I realized that he wasn't dangerous and that he wasn't going to bother anybody. I also looked around and realized that we were in a cemetery and I realized the man was going to talk about the dilapidated state of the cemetery. A large chasm (perhaps plowed by a bulldozer) about two or three meters deep ran down the cemetery's middle. I looked into the chasm and saw some clothes, as if some of the graves had been opened up.

When my mother descended into the chasm, I decided to follow her. I began climbing down two bookshelves standing in the chasm, until the one I was on began tipping over and fell into the second one. Before the bookshelves fell all the way over, my mother caught and stopped them.

I clambered down to the ground and we straightened the shelves back up. We tried to be quiet because the astronaut was beginning to make his speech.

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