Dream of: 10 July 1985 "Lowered Energy Level"

As I was riding with some other passengers on a bus, I noticed two young black men bothering a young white woman (all three around 20 years old). I hesitated to interfere, but finally I stood and walked over to them. I pulled the men away from the woman, grabbed her and took her to the front of the bus.

I realized I was stronger than I had thought. I wasn't wearing a shirt and I could see and feel the muscles in my arms. I knew the men were afraid of me.

The bus stopped and the woman and I disembarked. We were on a secluded road in the country surrounded by large, green trees. We walked to a clearing beside the road where we found a couch and what appeared to be a small movie screen set up in front of the couch. The girl sat down on the couch and I sat on the ground.

Two babies were sitting on the ground near me. I picked one up. It was a male (probably less than a year old). I lay back on my back and set the baby on my chest.

I enjoyed feeling its amazingly soft skin. It lay on my stomach, looked me in the face and smiled. I enjoyed that. Finally it clambered off me and sat nearby in the grass.

I looked to the couch and saw my sister (about 20 years old) sitting there. I realized the two babies were hers. My sister had short curly hair and reminded me of Brooks Shield. She was wearing a white slip and was extremely attractive.

I looked at the movie screen; pictures had begun appearing. Several pictures didn't seem to make sense to me. But suddenly the pictures moved together in an animated way to form a large map-like picture of the continent of Africa. Each picture represented a different part of the continent. It was quite well done.

The music in the background was quite intriguing. It sounded like South American dance music. Listening to the music, I thought I would like to do some dances like the Cha-cha and I imagined dancing intricate steps around a ball room floor.

I thought about dancing with Nina Cahan (a Dallas acquaintance). If we went dancing we could dance most dances together, but we could also dance with other partners. I liked the idea.

My attention was momentarily distracted from the screen. When I looked back some kind of movie was on. It seemed rather desultory and I perceived a lack of energy in me as I watched it. I remembered recently reading somewhere about people who just watched television in the evenings when they returned home from work. Watching movies like that seemed to lower my energy level.

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