Dream of: 27 June 1985 (2) "Watching The River Flow"

I was sitting in my 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit on the banks of the Ohio River in Portsmouth just a short distance east of the U.S. Grant Bridge with a woman who reminded me of Judith Varadachar (a woman a few years older than I whom I had recently met in Dallas). When she said something about massages, I told her I had never had a massage. As she described how good massages felt, she began pressing her index fingers into the sides of my neck. Her fingers felt rather good, although I didn't say anything.

After I turned around so my back was toward her, she began hitting my back with the side of her hands which also felt good. I thought someone could probably hit me in the back as hard as they could without hurting me.

Judith and I spoke. She had known me for many years, since I was about 20 years old and had long hair. I felt comfortable with her and knew I didn't have to explain how I used to sell drugs because she probably already knew. She also knew I had had a number of relationships with various women when I had been younger. She mentioned Ellen and she spoke Ellen's name in such a deprecatory manner, it was obvious she didn't approve of my having been involved with Ellen. She made a couple more snide comments about Ellen.

Although basically nonplused, the word "dissolute" kept going through my mind, a word which I thought described my teenage years quite well.

I began driving down the road along the Ohio River, came to a place where water was over the road and drove through the water without any problem. When I finally stopped the car, Judith and I stepped out and walked to a nearby spot where people were gathering to sunbathe. I looked out over the Ohio River, which seemed to be a bit high from a recent rain, and commented on how mighty and strong the river looked. Although the river looked calm on the surface I knew the water underneath was moving rapidly.

I asked Judith if she knew how the water moved along. She said she did and I said something like, "It moves in like blocks down there. First one block will advance and then the block behind it will advance and so on. This cycle will repeat itself over and over."

Judith understood what I was saying.

I noticed quite a few people sitting behind us and Judith mentioned something about one of the girls sitting there. I didn't know to whom she was referring although one attractive girl did catch my attention. The girl was wearing a red top over rather large breasts and seemed to be wearing black leather pants. Judith said the girl used to be a friend of hers.

After we had sat a while longer I noticed that most people around us had left. On the levy behind us someone was talking on a loudspeaker and apparently ordering the people to leave. I thought there must be some danger of a flash flood.

We boarded my car again and I began driving up the road over the levy. I tried to ascend in second gear, but I couldn't make it. After backing down the levy and starting over in first gear, I had no problem.

Judith and I sat in the car on the levy a while. The road had been blocked off farther down so we couldn't go back down to the river by another route. I figured a flash flood was imminent and I thought we might just stay there and wait for it to come.

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