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Dream of: 27 June 1985 "Three Dimensional Collage"

I was in one of the bedrooms of a cabin I had built on the Gallia County Farm. The well-built cabin had several rooms and was quite large. Several people were visiting me and one fellow was in the bedroom talking with me. Not realizing the cabin was mine, he began saying how he wished he had a cabin like this out in the woods where he could go anytime he felt like it.

I said to him, "I built this cabin."

He was surprised. I added, "If you ever feel like it, you can come up here and use it any time. Stay for a month at a time if you want."

I began explaining the cabin certainly had some defects but that it was nevertheless put together rather well.

I looked around the room and noticed the walls seemed to have some kind of brown paneling on them. At the same time it looked as if perhaps the wall covering was actually rugs which had been hung on the walls.

One wall in my room had an indentation in it and it was difficult to tell whether it was a space for a closet or whether it was part of the neighboring room. The fellow asked me if it was a closet and I said, "No it's part of the neighboring room."

We walked outside together, continued talking and looked out over the vista of hills. He said something about how one might tire of the area because not much was happening there. I said, "No. As far as culture there's not a lot around here. But this view is certainly magnificent."

The view out over the hills was indeed magnificent.

A creek ran beside the cabin, and when I looked into the creek, I saw a floating log. Suddenly I saw what appeared to be two wings rise slowly out of the water on both sides of the log and then fall back into the water. We walked to the edge of the water and I pointed the log out to the other fellow. I said, "Look at this."

As the log came closer to us, it disappeared. I then noticed a dead bird, probably a duck, floating just under the surface of the water. I said, "Look at that. Don't touch it."

Immediately behind the duck was what appeared to be a dead, dark-colored pony floating under the water.

Before the other fellow and I had gone to the cabin we had earlier been upstream and seen that same pony. I suddenly realized the pony wasn't actually real; it was only a toy statue which someone had thrown into the water. I first hit it with a stick to be sure, then reached into the water and pulled it out.

Next I noticed a statue of a rather large black and white calf floating in the creek. It reminded me of some statues I had recently seen in Dallas in front of the Dallas Bar Association headquarters. I likewise pulled it out.

As I pulled the statues out I became rather excited. I thought perhaps I could use them to make some kind of collage, although I had never made a three dimensional collage before. All my previous collages had only been with pictures. I thought it would be interesting using three dimensional objects.

I thought about how I might clean the statues with a brush. I thought about how I brushed my teeth and thought, "Just as I polish up my body I could polish this stuff up and make collages out of it."

Next I saw in the water a small white dog which looked like the dog that is an emblem for RCA. It was rather deep in the water. I began trying to pull it out.

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