Dream of: 22 June 1985 "Lost Purse"

I was standing alone outside the House in South Shore, Kentucky (across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, a four room cottage where I lived for about a year when I was in the fifth and sixth grade) when I noticed what appeared to be a brown boot lying in the street. I had the feeling the boot was made of alligator skin. I walked over to the boot and hit it with a stick I was holding. I bent over, picked it up and realized it was actually a purse.

I carried it back to the porch of the House. I began pulling some things out of the purse, including a pair of brown panty hose. A few coins fell out and I thought the purse might contain some money. I looked for some identification and finally found an ID which indicated the owner of the purse was a girl name "Hall."

I wondered how I could locate her to return the purse to her.

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