Dream of: 13 June 1985 "Metamorphosis"

Another person was riding with me in a car which I was driving in the country. We rode past a field which contained what at first appeared to be a large haystack. However, the more I looked at the haystack, the more it appeared to be a large animal. It was dark brown and appeared to be a mastodon.

Another car pulled up and two men stepped out. As they walked toward the animal, I feared they were going to injure it. I stopped the car, got out and began walking toward the animal.

The brown dirt of the field had been recently plowed. I stepped around some puddles of water. When I finally drew closer, I realized the object was simply a man, albeit a very large man, sitting on a tractor. I thought that he had actually been the animal and that he had changed back into a man.

The man suddenly jumped from the tractor and ran into a nearby barn. The other two men ran after him and I thought they were going to try to hurt him. I also ran toward the barn and reached it before the other two pursuers. Once I was inside the barn, I saw the man standing in front of me. When the other two men then entered the barn, I told them not to hurt the man.

I asked the man if he could change into things. When he indicated he could, I asked him if he would change into a cow. At first he didn't want to do so, but finally he agreed to do it. He stooped over onto his hands and knees. I thought the transformation would happen instantly before our eyes, similar to the one I had seen in the movie An American Werewolf in London when a man transformed into a werewolf. Instead, this transformation took about two hours.

I thought about how sometimes these types of metamorphoses do not actually occur as in the movies and how they actually take much more time than a person would anticipate. The two hours passed as if I weren't even here. When I finally looked up, I knew the man had changed into a large, white, beautiful cow.

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