Dream of: 12 June 1985 "Second Thoughts"

My father, my mother, my grandfather Liston, my grandmother Leacy, Louise and I boarded a car at the House in Patriot and drove off toward Southwestern High School where Louise and I were going to be married for the second time. The driver, Louise and I were in the front seat. Although I was apprehensive about marrying Louise again, I had decided to do so anyway. Louise and I talked about how we needed to try to understand each other better to make the second marriage work.

I thought about all the people we had invited to the wedding, including my uncle Ronald and his family. A reception was planned to follow the ceremony, and Louise and I would be given gifts. I told Louise I wished we had decided to simply marry without having any big wedding just the two of us.

Of course it was too late now and we had to go through with the wedding as planned. As Louise and I continued talking, we soon fell to arguing a bit about something. I cared about her, but at the moment I was rather displeased with her.

When we were within sight of the high school, I looked down and suddenly realized I was nude below the waist. I was wearing a shirt (I thought my suit was in the trunk), but I didn't have any underwear. I blurted out, "I forgot to bring any underwear."

Reflecting more, I realized I had also left the greenish-gray suit (which I had planned to wear) at the House in Patriot; I said, "I forgot to bring my suit. I'm going to have to go back."

Everyone was upset. At first I thought they would return to the House with me; but they informed me they thought it would be best for them to be let off at the high school, and for me to drive back to the House by myself. I was reluctant because I thought returning to the House would make me appear like a fool.

It was already 12:30 and the wedding was supposed to take place at 1:30. I still might have time to go back and return before 1:00. But I still thought everyone would think I was a fool because of my forgetfulness.

We pulled up in front of the high school where a number of cars were parked and several people were standing around. I didn't see anyone I recognized; I thought that perhaps another wedding was taking place or that perhaps a basketball game had been held here this morning.

My grandfather and my grandmother said they wanted to be let off so they could dine. Louise, my father and my mother also wanted let off. My grandfather and my grandmother got out and My grandfather handed me the key to the House in Patriot. The key was on a key chain and he held the house key between his fingers so I would know which key was the house key. The key was gold and had a triangular head.

Everyone else except my father descended from the car. My father said he wanted let off at a small meat market a short distance up the road. He wanted to wait there instead of going inside with everyone right now.

I said, "Well dad, if you're just going to wait at the meat market, why don't you just ride back with me?"

I wanted to talk with him. I was having second thoughts about the marriage and I was unsure it was a good idea.

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