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Dream of: 11 June 1985 "Russians"

I was with my father and my mother in a large house filled with old furniture. We were planning to spend the night in the house. My father and my mother went to bed in one room while I went to another room rather distant from theirs.

I turned on a television in my room and began watching the last part of a movie which appeared to be dealing with the history of Russia and showed people carrying Russian signs in the street. I had seen the show once before and had liked it. It seemed to me it was titled "Russians."

Just as the show was ending I heard my mother scream, "Turn it off!"

She screamed something else which sounded like, "Provide for yourself! Provide for yourself!"

Even after I had turned off the TV, I could still hear my mother screaming. I hollered back to her and said, "It's off."

I walked out of my room and down past the room where my mother and my father were. Some mirrors were arranged there so I could see my parents, although they weren't able to see me. I watched them for a few minutes. My mother appeared to be upset because I had been watching the TV. My father rose and said he was going to teach me a lesson. When I saw him pick up something, I figured he was going to try to whip me.

I decided to hide and I thought about going back to my room and crawling under the bed. But when I thought about how big the house was;, I thought perhaps I would go up into the attic. However I was a bit afraid some rats might be in the attic. I was confused about where to go, but I knew I must act quickly because my father was coming.

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