Dream of: 06 June 1985 (2) "Winning Ticket"

While driving along a turnpike I came to the pay booth and pulled up to it. The woman in the booth gave me a small ticket (about two centimeters long and a centimeter wide) which I opened. It said I had won a free trip. I asked the woman to explain what it meant. She explained that I had won a free trip to anywhere in the world where I wanted to fly. I began thinking about where I would go and thought I might want to go to New Delhi. I mentioned New Delhi and a fellow standing nearby who looked like an Indian smiled when he heard me say that. I didn't understand well and I began asking her many questions.

Other cars began pulling up behind me. Finally some black man got out of his car, walked up and began talking. I explained to the man what had happened and gave him my ticket. He examined it. The woman who had originally given me the ticket had to do something and left. Several other people gathered around. Finally I asked the man to give me the ticket back. He said, "Wait a minute. I'm not through with it."

He continued looking at it and then I noticed he had put his hands behind his back. I thought he might be switching my ticket with one he had received which wasn't a winner. Another black man walked up.

I saw some police officers nearby and said, "Officers, he won't give me my ticket. He won't give me my ticket."

They didn't seem to want to help me. So I took the matter into my own hands and began trying to get the ticket from him. I finally managed to wrestle the ticket from him, but it was the wrong one. I then realized he had switched it with the other black man behind him. I grabbed the other black man and began beating on him. I beat him ferociously, but still he wouldn't return my ticket. He didn't defend himself and he didn't seem bothered by my hitting him over and over as hard as I could in the face, but he still refused to give me my ticket.

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