Dream of: 02 June 1985 "Rambo"

I had gone swimming in swampy water with my mother, my father, my brother Chris and my sister. I remembered having seen in the movie Rambo how Sylvester Stallone had been held in some water and some leeches had attached themselves to him, and how he had cut off the leeches with a knife. While I was in the water, a leech attached to me on my left buttock close to my rectum. I asked my father to look at it. As he did so and tried to figure out how to detach it, I told him to heat a needle and stick it into the leech. I thought the leech would then let go. My father wouldn't do that, however, and he was unable to detach it.

Finally I myself managed to pull off the leech. I carried it into a house and as I toyed with it, the leech seemed to grow larger and larger until it looked like a large jelly fish. I finally decided we needed to put it onto a space ship and send it to another planet.

My whole family was in the house looking at the creature; I was afraid it was going to get on Chris. I pulled it away from Chris and finally disposed of it.

My father walked upstairs to a bedroom. The phone rang and I picked it up, but my father had already answered on a phone upstairs. The person on the phone was a woman responding to an ad I had placed in the Dallas Observer. I heard my father speak to her and use the word "sizzling." Apparently the woman had told my father that in my ad I had said I was sizzling. I finally said, "Hello, dad. I've got it."

I asked the woman who she was; she said she was a woman I had talked with once before named Jan. I said, "Well, it certainly does not sound like Jan."

She said it might not sound like her because she had a cold and wasn't feeling well. I recalled that I had wanted to talk with her again, but that I simply hadn't had time to call her back. I was surprised to hear from her because the last time I had talked with her she had said that she wouldn't call me and that I would have to call her.

Since my whole family was in the room I was unable to talk with her at the moment. I couldn't use the phone in the other room because my father was there. I huddled down and spoke with her in a low voice.

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