Dream of: 01 June 1985 (2) "Frozen Snake"

I was at the House in Patriot looking at a few Marvel comics which I had bought. I read one "Spiderman" comic in which Spiderman had been injured and no longer had a heart. Even though he was hollow inside, he was still able to live. Two of his fingers had also been chopped off. On the last page of the story he was waving at the reader with three fingers.

I read a "Fantastic Four" comic in which the Human Torch had either been killed or was about to be killed.

I began cutting some pictures out of one, actually cutting up the whole book. I was unsure what I would do with the pictures, but I knew I wanted them. I remembered when I used to collect Marvel comics that I hadn't cut the pictures out like this and I wondered if cutting out the pictures was a good idea. I knew I had once had a large collection of Marvel comics and I was considering collecting them again.

I had recently written a letter to one of the comic magazines and the letter had been printed. I wondered if that would make that magazine more valuable as a collector's item. I thought it would at least certainly be more valuable for me.

Some other people were in the House, including some of the children of my uncle Liston. For some reason we were all going to go to the Church in Patriot.

I went to the Church with my first cousin Alan. A meeting was being held and a number of church members were present. The object of the meeting was going to be whether the church should foreclose on a piece of real property on which the church had a mortgage.

I didn't think I really had any place in the church, but I told Alan I would stay and see what happened. Since I was a lawyer I might be able to give them some legal advice about the foreclosure, and I might even be interested in buying the property myself. I saw the mortgage was dated 1972 and I thought some equity should be built up in the property.

More church members began to appear and I asked Alan (who was holding the deed of trust) if I could see it, but he refused to give it to me. I asked him several times and he still refused. Finally I said, "Fuck you."

I had laid down the jacket of the gray suit I was wearing. I picked it up and headed for the door. Some woman said something about my leaving places in a hurry, and I remembered recently having walked out of another place the same way. Once I had walked out the door, I saw snow all over the ground outside. After I had gone a short distance, Alan ran after me. I thought he was going to want to fight with me, but he simply said a few nasty things and walked back into the church.

I walked up the road until I reached an intersection where I found a long dead frozen snake lying in the ice and snow. It was probably six or seven centimeters in diameter and fifteen meters long. It was stretched out so its head was lying in the intersection. Its forked tongue was hanging out of its mouth. I recognized it as one which had earlier been at the House in Patriot. Apparently one of the children had taken it from the House and left it here.

I stood on the corner and I didn't want to go into the intersection because many cars were on the road and were sliding all over the place. One car slid right into another car. On impact, I realized the car hadn't hit another car, but had hit a woman who had been standing in the road. There was a loud thud. Several people were nearby and a policeman was immediately on the scene. I was going to try to help at first, but it appeared I wasn't needed. The policeman asked the woman if she needed help and other people gathered around her.

I just watched. Another car slid into a car. The woman finally was able to go to the side and she said the accident had been her fault.

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