Dream of: 01 June 1985 "Concentrating On Art"

While walking around downtown Dallas, I decided to visit the Dallas Art Museum - I had never been there. When I reached the museum I had to ascend some stairs to the second floor where admission tickets were being sold. Each ticket cost $5 but there was a discount if four tickets were bought.

I had some one dollar bills and a hundred dollar bill. I wanted to change the hundred, but they didn't have any change at the ticket counter. So I handed over five ones for my ticket.

I walked in. The first room was more like a library than a museum. It contained small desks and on the shelves were books which apparently were all about art. Soft blue carpet bedecked the floor and the room seemed comfortable. Other people were there. I immediately liked the place and thought I should be coming there every day to study. I figured a membership could probably be bought so it wouldn't cost $5 every time.

Finally I saw some abstract paintings on the walls. They were mostly just colors but I liked them. One painting in particular caught my attention. It consisted of mostly black and yellow. The black appeared to be shadows and the yellow appeared to be sunlight. I concentrated on the yellow sunlight until it became quite painful. It seemed as if my life was in bad shape because I had neglected art so long that my inner life was suffering a great deal. I was very unhappy with myself. Nevertheless when I looked at the sun in the picture, it made me realize there was still hope I might be able to salvage something from my life even in its presently miserable shape. But I needed to begin concentrating more on art. Although I was miserable I still saw some hope for my life.

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