Dream of: 31 May 1985 "Manufacturing Alcohol"

I had gone to the country to visit a man (about 40 years old) on his farm. He began showing me an elaborate still in which he manufactured some kind of alcoholic drink. While looking at it he realized he had left the still operating while he had been away from it and he became concerned that the liquid inside might have boiled down to too low a level. He examined it and poured some of the liquid into a glass. I drank some it tasted great.

A number of trees were around the area which were used for making the alcoholic drink. I picked up a piece from the inside of one of the trees and began chewing it. It was palpable and tasted good.

Another man (about 50 years old) who apparently lived nearby showed up. He asked me to come to his place and spend the night with him. I told him I would and boarded his truck with him. We planned to go to his place for a while and then return to visit the first man some more.

Before we pulled off, an old car pulled up and the man inside turned it off. The car continued running for a moment even after it had been turned off but finally stopped. The man inside stepped out; he looked just like the manager of the building of the Law Office on Cedar Springs. He was the son of the first man. He had a deformity which caused him to have a serious limp. He walked up, was quite friendly and talked with us a bit. I got ready to leave with the second man and he told us to come back anytime and visit with him. I remembered I had recently met a fellow who had a limp like that while I had been flying on a plane from Midland, Texas to Dallas.

The second man began to drive off the premises. As we rode away, we passed under a building which was over the road. From a window in the building a girl (perhaps 10 years old) was looking down on us. I didn't know who she was but thought it was curious to see her up there like that.

The second man began driving down a one lane country lane which was obviously the driveway to his house. As he drove he began showing off and slid around backwards into a cornfield. He knocked over a number of cornstalks and he couldn't seem to stop. We kept sliding and sliding backwards and I feared we would hit something. We slid around some trees and finally slid close to a barn. He couldn't seem to stop the truck and I was becoming worried.

But finally we reached his house and came to a stop. I was surprised to see quite a few animals around the house including several dogs. The man told me to get out of the truck but I was afraid because I saw a large grizzly bear run up to the truck. It appeared to be tame, but I remained in the truck contemplating the situation.

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