Dream of: 28 May 1985 "Cold Feet"

I had gone to what appeared to be some kind of bar in Portsmouth. The place also resembled a drug store. I walked back to the toilet where I saw some people I recognized. McGraw (a former junior high school classmate) walked into the toilet. He had a large mustache and beard. I hadn't seen him for a long time, except once before when I had seen him here. I said hello to him. He recognized me and said hello. I said, "Things stay pretty constant around here don't they."

He agreed. What I had meant was that people who came there were still the same after so many years.

I walked back out into the main area of what appeared to be the drug store. I wanted to buy some socks and a very pretty girl (probably 17-18 years old) walked up to help me. She asked me what I needed and I told her I wanted some socks. I had looked in one part of the store but I hadn't been able to find them. She said she might be able to help me and she took me to another part of the store. She looked but she couldn't find any socks. She asked me if I was able to help myself and I said, "Oh just barely."

I told her I could tell whether or not I had cold feet. I implied that I was practically incompetent and was hardly able to help myself. I felt quite good, but I also felt almost insane. She thought I was funny, began laughing and said I was one of the craziest people she had ever seen.

Mr. Schramm (a legal client), who owned the place, then walked up. I told him what I needed and he said he might have some. We walked around behind a counter, bent down on our knees and crawled under it. He pulled out a box and from it took some small sealed envelopes, which reminded me of the kind that banks put money in. I then realized he wasn't even looking for socks. He told me he was getting the envelopes out of there so he could go out for a "tear." He meant he was just going to go out for a good time. I said, "Oh I thought you were looking for socks."

He thought that was funny and he told me he wasn't looking for socks back there. I did notice some white socks hanging nearby but I didn't want white socks. Schramm and I stood up and I spoke again to the girl, who was very friendly.

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