Dream of: 27 May 1985 "Not A Prude"

I was in the front yard of the House in Patriot where a semi-truck was parked. In the cab of the truck was what appeared to be a newspaper machine which had contained quite a few quarters which I could see. I wanted to get the quarters, got a key to the machine, opened it up and began taking out the quarters.

Afterwards some local people became upset about my having taken the quarters, even though the quarters belonged to someone in the House. The people began bothering me and I thought they were going to do something to me, perhaps even kill me. Fortunately however the sheriff showed up. I thanked him for intervening and he told me not to worry about it. I told him I didn't know why the people were upset and he said, "Well, you're a little different from them. You're not a prude."

He walked with me into the House which was being remodeled inside by some people in my family. Some intricate designs were on the walls of the house and we had been debating whether to paint or paper the walls. It would cost less to paint than to paper because the paper would have to be cut out in such intricate patterns. We hadn't decided what to do. The House appeared to have three stories. The sheriff told me a younger sheriff had been elected. I asked him what his name was and he said it was Steve Martin.

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