Dream of: 21 May 1985 (2) "Talking Dirty"

Louise and I had just divorced, but were still living together in the same apartment. She angrily stormed in one day, began arguing and grabbed her things together. Suddenly I reached out, pulled her close to me and began kissing her. She resisted at first but finally gave in. I began taking off her clothes, laid her on the floor and laid on top of her.

Suddenly, however, I remembered she had been dating some other man and said, "I can't make love to you. How do you know he hasn't got herpes."

She said she was sure he didn't have herpes. I asked, "Well have you been fucking him?"

She admitted she had. I asked, "Have you been sucking him."

She didn't want to talk about it and she wouldn't tell me whether she had. But she indicated that the other man was a wonderful lover and that he could do all kinds of things which I couldn't do. I asked, "Well just what makes him so special?"

She replied that it was because he talked to her when he had sex with her. I wanted to know what he said and asked, "Like what?"

She replied, "Well he says things like 'pussy'."

I said, "Oh, you mean he talks dirty to you. He says he's going to fuck you."

In the meantime she had spread her legs apart. I knew her vagina was already moist and inserted my penis into it. But just as I began I thought to myself, "I shouldn't do this."

I knew I was taking a chance of contracting herpes, but I went ahead anyway. We had intercourse for a while. We then turned around and I wrapped my legs around her head and inserted my penis into her mouth. She was on top of me so her vagina was in front of my face. I could also see her rectum. Finally I raised myself up and said, "You know what else I'd like to do? I'd like to fuck you in the ass."

She replied, "Oh really."

I asked, "Has anybody ever done that to you?"

She indicated no one ever had. I thought about getting some Vaseline and trying it because I likewise had never done it.

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