Dream of: 21 May 1985 "The Terminator"

I was in a battle against someone who resembled the Terminator (a character played by Arnold Schwarzenneger in the movie The Terminator). I had recently met a woman (who reminded me of Judith, a Dallas acquaintance) who was also battling against the Terminator and his forces. However I wasn't completely sure of her role in the battle.

At one point in the battle, while she and I were together in some kind of vehicle, we were attacked by the Terminator. Our vehicle ran off the road and over a cliff. I completely gave up hope and said, "The situation is hopeless."

Judith however didn't give up and due to her efforts we crashed but were unhurt. After the crash we were separated and I stumbled off alone into a forest where I saw a fawn which had been separated from its mother. Apparently the Terminator had been responsible for the separation. Although I would have liked to have seen the fawn united with its mother, I didn't feel that was my responsibility.

As I stumbled through the forest, I knew the woman was also somewhere in the forest. When it grew dark, I lay down and listened to noises in the forest. I thought I heard the sound of a cow in the distance and I wondered whether the mother deer might be making noises so the fawn would hear her and go to her. But I could hear no distinct sound which sounded like a deer.

The night passed and the next morning I again encountered the woman, who had a fawn with her, although I was unsure it was the same fawn I had seen the day before. The mother deer was nearby and I thought the woman was going to reunite them, but then I saw that she wasn't concerned with that. She simply let the fawn go and indicated that it wasn't her responsibility to reunite it with its mother. Apparently she had found the fawn and helped it out of some difficulty. But she felt no duty to determine whether the fawn belonged to the mother deer or to help it any further.

She and I walked over to a rocky cliff on a hillside and began talking. More than anything else she seemed to me like a strong and vibrant fighter, and she had the aspect of a guerilla fighter. She was dressed in black, perhaps black leather. She seemed to be in her early 30s, was lean, was quite tall and seemed to have blonde hair. I hadn't known her long, although I had known her before our episode with the Terminator and our crash off the cliff.

I was attracted to her although I had never touched her or shown any affection toward her. I wanted to try to express to her the feeling I had had when we had crashed, when I had thought the situation was hopeless and she had been able to pull us through.

It seemed somewhat strange that I didn't feel embarrassed about having thought the situation was hopeless. I felt I had displayed weakness but I didn't think she thought I was weak. She didn't seem to disparage me because I hadn't been able to save us and she had had to do it. And it seemed that she had engendered a new hope in me and had imparted to me some of her strength.

Although I wanted to touch her, I hesitated. But it seemed so natural that finally I did touch her and she reciprocated. Soon we were hugging each other and I felt a strong, healthy feeling between us. It seemed that part of the fine fighting spirit which I perceived in her also existed in me and that she perceived the same spirit in me.

I couldn't see into the future beyond what we were both experiencing at this moment, but I thought the experience was good for us both.

We parted and I left feeling we would continue to see and help each other. I felt we were both fighting with definite purpose toward something, although I was unconcerned with defining exactly what that something was. But I did feel good and confident about what I was doing.

I boarded a train, pulled into a train station and disembarked. I thought I was going to have to board another train here and I walked around in the station. Several train tracks were here and some came to an abrupt end in the station. It looked as if trains would pull into the station, pick up passengers and then back out.

I was unsure which train I needed. I thought I was trying to reach a small town which had a small university, but I couldn't remember the university's name. I knew it wasn't Baylor University, although I thought its name began with a "B" and that the whole name of the university had three words.

Some other people were standing around and I had the feeling that if I would simply ask someone how to find the train they would be able to help me. But I felt awkward and I really didn't want to ask anyone.

I noticed a woman whom I thought I had seen before and who attracted me. In a way she reminded me of the woman with whom I had been earlier, but in a way she seemed different. It almost seemed like the same woman in a different body. That confused me because I knew I had just been sitting on a hillside holding the other woman in my arms. And now I saw someone else who reminded me so much of her even though her body was different.

I walked up to her and asked her how to reach the place where I wanted to go. She told me I simply needed to go out the door, walk a short distance up the street and I would be there. I wouldn't even need a train. Suddenly I remembered where I was, became more oriented and thought I knew where to go.

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