Dream of: 20 May 1985 "Personal Ad"

I had talked for a couple hours each to two different women who had put ads in the Dallas Observer newspaper in the section of women seeking men. I had made a date with one of the women and I was supposed to pick her up about 3:30 one day.

I had to go out into the country to pick her up but when I arrived she wasn't there at the time she was supposed to be. I waited for a while and then left. The following day I talked with someone who was apparently a relative of the woman who told me I should go back out to the house that day. So I returned to the place.

A small trailer sat to the left and a bit farther back from the road sat the main house. On the other side of the road I noticed a long large chain which was strung up into a tree. I wondered what was on the end of the chain and thought it might even be a tiger which might jump down. The chain was long enough to allow it to come across the road, but I was unable to see anything on the chain.

Finally I saw the woman I was supposed to meet over by the trailer and I began walking toward her. I was wearing a cap and bent my head down so the woman couldn't see my face. I could however see her from the distance and she looked rather attractive. Finally I reached her and raised my head so she could see my face and I could see hers. Up close she wasn't so attractive. She had dark hair, was slim and was probably in her mid 20s. I asked her her name, she told me and then we talked for a few minutes. Finally I asked, "Well were you here yesterday when I was supposed to be here?"

She answered, "No."

That was all I wanted to know and I didn't require an explanation. I could see inside her trailer and noticed a stack of letters there. I thought she had probably received so many other responses from her ad that she had decided she didn't want to see me. However she was quite friendly and we continued talking.

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