Dream of: 12 May 1985 "Protecting Fish"

As I was walking on a college campus, I encountered a round fountain about 15 meters in diameter. A fellow (about 20 years old) was standing next to the fountain and was holding some kind of spear gun with which he was shooting fish in the fountain. The spear gun consisted of a long pipe with a large spear (the head of which was as large as my fist) protruding from the end. I was quite surprised. Also flying over his head was a small helicopter which apparently was somehow connected to the spear gun.

I watched as the fellow shot his spear into the water a couple times. But apparently he missed because I didn't see him pull out any fish. Other people began gathering around. Finally I walked over to him and asked him if he had permission to be doing that. It took him a moment to understand what I was saying. A man (about 40 years old) was in the helicopter and was becoming upset by my questions. He also understood what I was asking and said something, although I could barely hear him because the helicopter was so loud. Finally the fellow with the spear gun told me that he did have permission and I asked him who had given it to him.

He pulled out an Emory board which had a name and a number written on it which appeared to be 2737. He handed the Emory board to me and said that the first part of the number was wrong and that it should be 33. I pulled out a pencil, erased the 27 and replaced it with 33. I asked him who the person was whose name was written on the Emory board and it sounded as if he said it was his dorm leader.

I began arguing with him and said, "These people don't have authority to allow you to shoot fish out of this pool."

The man in the helicopter was becoming increasingly upset and quite a crowd of people had begun to gather. Finally a bunch of the people jumped into the water to protect the fish. I myself didn't want to jump into the water, but I did begin running along the edge of the fountain. Although I was leaning toward the water, I was running so fast I didn't fall in.

Finally the fellow began putting away his spear gun and it was obvious that he and the man in the helicopter were going to leave.

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