Dream of: 08 May 1985 (2) "Dripping Blood"

Louise and I had found a bedroom to stay in in a house where we weren't actually living. Louise was very tired and went to bed. But I was concerned because I knew people were outside who might try to come inside and attack us. On the other side of the room opposite the door we had come in (which led to the rest of the house) was another door which led out onto a porch. I looked out onto the porch and saw some people out there.

I hung a blanket over an uncovered window, but I was afraid people could come in through either of the doors in the room. I went to the door leading to the porch and realized it was unlocked. I pushed on it, tried to lock it and finally was able to lock it. On the right side of the door frame was a small dead-bolt lock which I worked on until it slid into the door. The bolt's being inside the door made me feel better.

I asked Louise to help me push a dresser in front of the door; but she said she was too tired and she wouldn't get up. I told her the dresser was too heavy for me; but finally I did manage to push it in front of the door.

I noticed a space along the side of the door through which someone could see in from outside. I looked outside and saw a woman with a little boy. A man holding a little baby was sitting and rocking in a rocking chair. It was freezing outside; I felt sorry for the people, but I was too afraid to invite them in.

The man (who resembled Martin Sheen) walked over to the door, looked in and asked me if I remembered him. I looked at him but I couldn't remember who he was. Suddenly he pulled out what appeared to be a pizza cutter the kind with a handle on one end and a round, slender piece of sharp metal at the other. But actually what he had was larger than a pizza cutter. And the round part of the instrument was rigid and it didn't move. I thought he was going to try to attack me with it, but he didn't do anything. I was holding a stick.

Another man walked up to the door. I finally pushed the dresser away from the door and took down the blanket so I could see outside. Suddenly the door seemed to move a little, almost as if it were made of plastic. Suddenly the man whom I had been looking at outside was now in the room. I hollered to Louise, "Baby, they're in."

But she still didn't wake up. The man ran over to her, grabbed her, pointed a short knife at her neck and said he would stab her.

I had a long, sharp, silver instrument in my hand. I walked toward him, pointed the instrument at his neck and said, "I don't care if you stab her."

Actually I did care, but I didn't want him to know that. Suddenly I stabbed him in the throat and he gagged as blood began dripping from his throat. Louise was still asleep and I hoped maybe it would wake her up when the blood dripped on her. We were both very much in danger and I felt as if she needed to get up.

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