Dream of: 06 May 1985 "Cancelled Classes"

I was on a college campus, where classes had been cancelled for the day and some festivities were taking place. Some other students and I were involved in one of the activities sponsored by some professors. The activity involved some books and some mailing. Each person participating had a partner and there were around 10 pairs of people in all. My partner was Geary (a former high school classmate who became a lawyer). Each pair was given a number. We were given our number on a small piece of paper with a piece of tape attached to it. I attached the tape to my hand. We had a number and also had the letter G."

Stacks of books were sitting around and after we were given our number we were supposed to find some books and deliver them as if we were taking them to be mailed. I walked over to some books and Geary joined me. Although I didn't completely understand the game, I was having a good time. I began laughing and noticed how genuinely happy I was to be playing the game.

The number we had been given was supposed to be on the jacket of a book in one of the stacks, just like a call number. Geary and I began quickly going through the stack of books looking for the number, but we couldn't seem to find it. Actually we were unsure where the book we were looking for was, because books were scattered all over the place. But part of the game was to figure out where the book was.

I was still unsure of all the rules, but I was having a good time trying to figure it out.

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