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Dream of: 03 May 1985 "Unusual Alligator"

I was trying to stop a foreclosure on the house of Mr. Lawson (a legal client). I called the people conducting the foreclosure, and they said they were going to go through with the foreclosure. Finally I decided to go to the people's office on the south side of Fort Worth.

I arrived at the office and entered it. I had worn my red, plaid cowboy shirt and blue jeans. But I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes, although I had been wearing some earlier. I felt rather ashamed about meeting someone to stop a foreclosure when I wasn't even properly dressed. I was actually dressed like a bum.

After standing a while near a counter in the office, I finally walked over to the door, through which I could see people outside looking at something in the grass. Something was moving in the grass and at first I thought it was a snake. But then I realized it was an alligator. It opened its mouth and revealed its large teeth.

A girl who looked as if she were deranged was lying in the grass. I thought she might be mentally retarded. The alligator approached the girl, but no one did anything to stop it. I went over to the alligator and poked its tail to try to divert it from the girl. I continued poking it and it turned around toward me.

But when I looked at the alligator's head, I realized it had the head of a woman. Her head also looked rather retarded. Apparently the creature was the result of the breeding between a human and an alligator. I wondered how that had been accomplished.

Finally the alligator kept coming toward me until it followed me into the building. I continued looking at the head of the woman on the alligator and wondered just how such a thing had happened.

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