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Dream of: 30 April 1985 "Animal Stampede"

While I was in Portsmouth, standing on the levy by the Ohio River just south of the U.S. Grant Bridge (which connects Ohio and Kentucky), I heard a splash, looked toward the bank and saw a number of people fishing in the river. I also saw quite a few fishing rods standing on the shore with their lines out in the water. The splash had apparently originated from one rod which had fallen into the water. The fishing line of the fallen rod was stretched taut and the rod was being pulled toward the left over the surface of the water. Someone realized a fish was on the line and the person managed to grab the rod. Finally the fish was pulled up on the bank it was as long as a person. I felt sorry for the fish; I disliked the idea of so many people fishing in the river and depleting the fish.

When I looked toward the bridge, I thought I saw some logs floating under the bridge, but looking closer, I realized the objects were seals crossing the river. A long line of seals was moving north along the opposite Kentucky shore of the river. On the opposite bank I could also see other wild animals, including antelope and zebras.

I also noticed that behind me on my side of the river were some white cows walking along the levy. I had the feeling the cows had come from India.

The animals on the other side of the river apparently were crossing the river under the bridge; when they reached my side of the river, a virtual stampede of the animals began running toward me and the many people around me. I quickly ducked behind a tree as the animals raced past me. I didn't see anyone being run over, but I realized if I were to trip out from behind the tree I could possibly be seriously injured.

Glancing to my right, I noticed a small white goat standing near me. The other animals raced past the goat.

When another man crowded in next to me behind the tree, I thought other people were also going to crowd in. Some policemen were attempting to control the stampede and finally it stopped; but it looked as if the animals might begin running back in the opposite direction.

I ran over to my left to some concession stands on wheels and took shelter among them.

I thought my ex-wife Louise might be down close to the bridge. Concerned about her safety, I thought I needed to reach her so the two of us could board a car and watch everything from the car.

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