Dream of: 21 April 1985 "Algabah McGooey"

Louise walked into a house where we had been living together and told me she was moving out. Her mother Vivian, who was with Louise, began gathering together some of Louise's things. I asked Louise if she were going to move out by herself or if she was going to have someone help her. She apparently had begun seeing some different men and named off the names of three of them who she thought would help her. The name of one of them was "Arnet." I told her that would be fine. I was curious anyway to see what the men looked like.

We were in the bedroom and Louise lay down on her back on the bed while I stood with my back against a dresser. We spoke and suddenly she began screaming. I knew she was going to attract her mother and indeed Vivian walked into the room and went to Louise. I wanted to ask Vivian what she had done when she had reared Louise to cause her to scream like that. Vivian looked ancient. Her face was very wrinkled and withered up; she looked as if she were perhaps 80-90 years old. Finally she calmed Louise down and left the room.

Louise rose and I grabbed her. I pulled her into another room and said, "I want to ask you this one question. I have a right to know. I want you to tell me this one thing. How many of those guys did you fuck while we were married."

She looked distracted and answered, "None of them" and then added, "One of them."

I said, "Which one?"

She answered, "Arnet. And I blew Arnet. And, oh yea, there was Algabah McGooey."

I screamed a sort of primal scream. I wasn't really hurt, because I had already expected as much. But I knew of no other way to react except to scream. Although it seemed as if Louise was contaminated I still wanted her and I didn't know exactly how to react. More than hurt I felt a dull sickness. I stammered, "You blew McGog? And you blew several before that?"

I inferred she had taken part in a big orgy at a party. At the orgy apparently the fellow named McGog had been the one who blew Arnet.

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