Dream of: 18 April 1985 (2) "Departing Trains"

As I was lying in bed asleep, I spoke with a young woman, perhaps on the phone. I couldn't tell how old she was, but she had a nice voice. She was concerned about her brother, who reminded me of Tom Smith. He was in jail and I the attorney defending him. The woman thought he had been arrested for a drug offense and wanted to know what the charges were. I explained that he hadn't been arrested for drugs, but that he had been arrested twice for driving while his driver's license had been suspended.

I explained that as far as I knew, he didn't have any other charges against him, and that the offense was a very minor one. I considered the offense to be the most minor class B misdemeanor a person could have.

As I continued talking, I finally fully awoke, opened my eyes and realized the girl, who had short black hair and was extremely attractive, was sitting beside me on the bed. She was so attractive, I doubted she would be interested in me. I was unsure, but thought she was probably in her twenties.

She continued talking for quite a while and I realized she was talking longer than was necessary; apparently she enjoyed talking with me. She glanced at the old gold blanket on my bed, which I knew was a bit dirty; she seemed to turn up her nose at it. Suddenly she winced and I saw a roach running across the blanket. It ran onto the back of the couch on which I was sleeping and the girl squashed it, creating quite a mess in the form of a long, squiggly, worm-like mark. But I knew part of the mark was due to the design of the couch. I thought, "Well, she'll certainly leave now, after that."

But she continued talking. I took a closer look at her; she actually had blonde hair. Her teeth were pearly white and seemed perfect. She was wearing red lipstick, her complexion was impeccable and she looked almost like a model.

Although I was completely nude under the blanket, after a while, she lay down beside me. She said she was cold, pulled the blanket over her and snuggled up beside me. I asked her if she was comfortable and pulled her even closer to me. We continued talking and she told me she was a scholar. That surprised me because she was so attractive.

I began kissing her. I hadn't even brushed my teeth that morning and probably had bad breath, but she didn't seem to mind. I felt happy, even though I still thought she would probably not be the kind of person with whom I would have a permanent relationship.

Finally I crawled on top of her and asked her if she knew any languages. She answered, "Oui, je parle francais."

She continued talking in French and then she switched to Spanish. Obviously she was fluent in both French and Spanish; I was delighted. That was exactly the kind of person I was looking for: someone who was fluent in a couple languages.

She seemed happy and exuberant. We continued kissing and I rubbed against her. Slowly she reached down and put her hand on my penis, which seemed quite large, and wrapped her hand around it, even though it was much larger than her hand.

I could hardly believe what was happening. Gradually I completely disrobed her, put my hand between her legs; she was quite moist. Obviously I could have intercourse with her if I wanted; and clearly she wanted to. I started to insert my penis in her vagina, but I stopped for a minute, realizing she might have a venereal disease. I asked her, and she told me she didn't have any diseases. I told her I didn't have any diseases either. Although I knew there was a possibility she could be lying to me, I believed her because she had been so open and honest.

I was rather ecstatic about the thought of having sex with her. I inserted my penis all the way into her. She raised up a little and looked down, wanting to watch what was happening. Then she lay back down and I continued having a wonderful time having sex with her.

I must have dozed off, because when I regained consciousness, she was no longer here. I was a little sad, but I knew that I would be able to find her again, and that she wasn't far away.

I rose from the bed and began dressing. I was wearing a peculiar, morone sweater which I had been wearing the day before. The sweater buttoned up the front. I was in quite a hurry and began gathering things together. I picked up some money off the dresser and began counting it out in hundreds. One bill was for $250.00; it had a picture of Ulysses S. Grant on its front. Several other pictures were also on the front of the bill, which was quite new. I began thinking Grant wasn't on the $250.00 bill, but was on the $500.00 bill. I began thinking how easy it would be to counterfeit one of the $250.00 bills. I looked again at the pictures on it. I had never seen a bill before with so many pictures.

I counted out a large stack of ones, several tens, twenties and hundreds on the dresser. Among the bills were some other pictures. At first I couldn't figure out what size bills they were, but then realized they weren't bills, but simply pictures which I apparently had cut out for collages. I thought I would have to leave them here for the present and just take the money. I stuck the money in my pocket.

A large window, almost as big as a sliding door, was to my left and outside it I heard a voice holler, "Steve."

It sounded like Louise's voice. I saw a train outside the window and saw Louise sitting in the doorway of one of the cars of the train. A swarthy-looking fellow, probably from India, who didn't appear to be with Louise, was sitting close to her. Another girl who apparently was with Louise was also there.

Louise was wearing a white sweater. Her hair had been cut short and seemed to be blown straight up. She appeared to have gained quite a bit of weight and she didn't look very good. I remembered she had left me quite some time ago. She asked me if I could tell her friend what it was like in Timbuktu and I said curtly, "I've never been there."

I turned my back and walked away. Some other windows were along the wall, but I didn't look out any of them at Louise. However, I rather glanced through one tiny opaque window as the train began pulling away; but I couldn't see Louise.

I was concerned about Louise taking off to Timbuktu by herself. She seemed to be going without really knowing what she was doing; it might be dangerous. Nevertheless it wouldn't do any good for me to caution her. She had left me and there was really nothing else I could do to protect her. She was on her own. I just didn't want to be involved with her.

I suddenly realized I was in Oaxaca, Mexico which was located around the area of El Paso, close to the Texas border. I looked around the room and realized that I was on a train and that my train was starting to pull out. That concerned me, because I really didn't want to go anywhere. But the train pulled out so fast, I didn't have a chance to get off.

I looked around the area, which appeared to be a dining area; people were sitting in chairs. I wanted to find someone who could tell me where we were going. I was particularly worried about traveling with all the money I had on me. I had been planning to go to Mexico for quite awhile and had finally come; but I still didn't want to travel with all that money on me.

I walked up and down the length of the car, found a door and went into another car. It looked as if the engineer was in there. But it also appeared to be a dining area and food was being served. I encountered a couple women, one of whom was more intelligent than the other. I asked one of them what was the next stop where I could get off and she said, "Colombia."

I pulled out a map and thought "Colombia?" I thought that she was referring to the country and that it was going to be an awfully long trip. But then I realized a small town called Colombia was nearby and we were apparently going to stop there; so I decided to just wait until we reached that town.

I found a seat, sat down in it and stealthily pulled the money out of my pocket. I was wearing leather boots and I stuck the money inside my sock. I kept a few tens in my pocket. I thought it was still dangerous, but at least the money would be better off there.

Finally the train stopped at what appeared to be a bus stop; some other people and I climbed off. I saw the engineer getting off, ran up to him and spoke to him in Spanish. I started to use "tu" but then used "Usted." I asked him how long it would be until the next train passed here going back to Oaxaca; he said it would be about 5 o'clock that afternoon. It was only about 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning right now. I said, "Well it'd probably be better to go down to Colombia then and take a train back from there."

He agreed. Since many people were walking over to an area where they were going to catch the next train to Colombia, I headed in that direction and reached what appeared to be a store and a parking lot. A car pulled up behind me into the parking lot and when I stepped out of its way, I realized no one was driving the car. A teddy bear appeared to be in the front seat.

Obviously someone was driving the car by remote control, but was having a difficult time parking it. The car pulled around and around until finally a fellow walked up, got in the car and parked it.

I looked around at all the Mexicans. They seemed quite friendly; if I just stayed among people I would probably not have much problem.

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