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Dream of: 17 April 1985 "Myth Of The Unicorn"

Some other people and I had gone into a little store. I had been in the store before and knew comic books were sold in a section of the store. Some comic books sold here were quite old. I began looking at them and saw some early copies (perhaps issues six and seven) of the "Avengers" in brand new condition. I thought those issues were probably very valuable. I also saw some early copies of other comics. I thought I could probably buy whole stacks of them and sell them at a tremendous profit. I picked up a large stack of the comics. The other people with me were also curious about the comics. Some comics were more worn and some didn't even have covers on them.

I picked up another stack of barbarian-type comics. Some other fellow with me wanted them, but I wouldn't give them to him.

I began looking around and noticed some small sculptures and other trinkets sitting around. I noticed some rather elaborate-looking irons which had been carved out of metal.

One object which particularly caught my attention was a black metal statue of a unicorn about 30 centimeters tall. It wasn't particularly well-sculptured. I looked at its eyes in particular. The idea of the unicorn appealed to me and I thought about buying it.

I had been living part of the time in the jungle and I thought I could take the unicorn back to the jungle with me. I thought about the myth of the unicorn and about what the idea of the unicorn symbolized. It was a fantasy. Actually the idea of the unicorn had never appealed to me before. I began trying to sort out in my mind what the fantasy meant and what it would mean for me to take the unicorn back to the jungle with me.

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