Dream of: 10 April 1985 "Stacks Of Checks"

I met Louise at a restaurant where we were going to eat. She had just cashed a check here and was complaining because she had been given a stack of small bills about five centimeters thick; she didn't want all the small bills. The person who had given Louise the stack appeared to be a waitress who wasn't very friendly. The waitress said the small bills were all she had and that Louise would have to take it or leave it.

I walked over and took the stack from Louise. I walked over to some other waitresses on the other side of the room and said, "Is there anybody here who can give us some larger bills for these?"

A friendly waitress said, "Sure."

I laid the stack of bills on a counter and began counting them out. Louise walked over and the waitress who had given Louise the small bills just snubbed us.

As I counted out the bills, I realized they were actually checks made out to Louise; most were for $10. I gave some of the checks to Louise to count and I counted and lined out the others in stacks of ten. I counted out six or seven stacks. I also found some checks for $20 and counted them out in stacks which totaled $100. I found a few checks for $30 and one check for $90. I stacked them all up.

In the meantime, Louise was signing the checks which she had. She was going to a lot of trouble to sign both her name and her address. I thought she didn't really need to be writing her address; but she kept doing it anyway. I thought I could sign Louise's name for her on some of the checks; but it looked as if we were going to be given the money without even having to sign most checks. The people were being very nice about it.

I finally had all my stacks lined up so the other waitress could give us $100 bills for each stack.

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