Dream of: 08 April 1985 "Folk Dancing"

I had gone to a dance which seemed like a folk dance, except the people seemed to be dressed in a style from the 1800s. Several women here interested me. One woman (about 20 years old) dressed in a white frilly dress walked up to me. She was quite attractive except for a small bit of acne on her cheeks. I had the feeling she didn't think she was very attractive, but I had talked with several fellows here who thought she was attractive.

I told her I had heard several compliments about her. She asked me what kind of compliments and I replied, "Well, I heard one fellow say that you were quite dashing."

Her eyes sparkled and I could tell she liked to hear that. Although I liked her, I wasn't particularly interested in her.

I walked over and stood against the wall just as a large circle dance began. I watched it and I rather wanted to dance myself, but I didn't know that dance. It was a partner dance and the partners were in a circle. First the two partners would walk around the circle dancing together. Then they would stop and certain numbers would be called out. Apparently every partner had a number. The men whose numbers were called out would advance and dance with a different partner.

One woman whom I liked was moving along by herself and dancing without a partner. She came close to me and I impulsively jumped in and became her partner. We danced on around and I realized that the dance wasn't that difficult and that I was doing quite well at it. They called out numbers again. Although I was uncertain of my number, I thought my number had been called out and I advanced to the next partner.

I liked the woman I advanced to even more than my other partner. She reminded me of a girl I had once met at folk dancing in Columbus named Kay. She was petite and truly beautiful. We danced and I asked her what our number was. It sounded as if she said either seven or thirteen.

One man was calling out the numbers. He then said the men should grab their partner by the waist and spin around. The idea was to hold the left hand in the air and grab the partner's waist with the right hand. Each person was supposed to push with the left foot, while the right foot remained in basically the same place. Each couple then went in a circle. I did that and my partner did the same thing. We did it for quite a while and quite fast. Suddenly the man said, "Stop."

I immediately stopped. I was so dizzy I fell over flat. It felt as if I had fallen on someone. Then I definitely felt someone fall on me. I raised up, looked around and saw almost all the men in the room had fallen over. I realized all the sharp objects had been taken out of the room so nothing was left that people could hurt themselves on. Apparently it had been planned that the men would fall over.

I thought what had happened was hilarious. I was so happy and began laughing and laughing.

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