Dream of: 06 April 1985 "Most Harrowing Day"

I had gone to visit Art (an acquaintance I met in Texas in 1972) in Laredo, Texas. He had been arrested for a drug offense and I was going to be his lawyer to defend him in court. Ramey was there. When I arrived, in the living room I found five dead bodies of people whom Art had just killed. Birdie and a girl who looked like Birdie's friend Linda walked in. There were five of us here with the five dead bodies. Art was trying to decide how to dispose of the bodies. He put them in garbage sacks. He put the sacks in a large, round tub almost like a small pool.

Some neighbors were standing at a fence nearby, but they didn't know what Art was doing. Art then went to the tub and put some pears beside the garbage bags. He acted as if he were chopping up the pears and putting them in another bag. But actually he was reaching down in the bags and chopping pieces of meat off the bodies to put in another bag to be disposed of.

I was very upset about the whole thing and I worried about being discovered. I even picked up a large piece of red meat which looked like a piece of beef from one of the bodies and carried it around. I walked inside and saw the girl who looked like Linda sitting beside a window. I began talking with her. She was wearing a pair of kulaks and I slipped my hand up her kulaks to her pubic area and began feeling her. She didn't stop me. I began kissing her. I stuck my finger in her vagina and it felt very good.

But then I heard someone come in, jumped up and saw that Birdie had come in. She had gone for some refreshments and was carrying some pop. She sat down. We were in a living room, but there was no furniture in it. I walked over to Birdie, sat next to her and said, "I think this is the most harrowing day I remember."

Birdie replied, "No, that Saturday we went to your house was more."

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