Dream of: 05 April 1985 "Laudatory Article"

I was in a library at a law school and was looking for some law books, numbers 444 and 386 of the Southwestern Reporters. I found the lower numbered and the higher numbered Southwestern Reporters, but I couldn't find the middle numbers, the ones I needed. I needed the books for some law on an immigration case on which I was working.

Although people were working in the library, a professor was conducting a lecture in the room about immigration law. He talked about a particular case.

A child was in the library pounding on something. People tried to get the child to be quiet, but he refused.

Louise was in the room and I sat next to her. I noticed Mancusco (a former female law student) in the room standing next to a man who looked as if he were in his mid 50s; she was kissing him. The man was getting some books, including some small language dictionaries. The professor asked them to stop kissing in the library. I realized Mancusco had married the older man. That rather surprised me and I thought it had probably been a mistake.

The professor spoke about a particular case in which $1,500.00 had been involved and he said it was important to get the money in advance. It was doubtful the case would be won and the professor spoke of the hardship on the law firm if the money weren't obtained in advance.

He talked about an article he had recently seen in the newspaper. I knew the article had been about Louise and had been particularly laudatory about some work she had done. The professor walked behind the desk, pulled out the article and began reading it.

I stood and walked away. Louise was wearing a little white collar which she began fixing. She looked somewhat strange. I felt rather proud of Louise. But then I thought, "Well what if he comes to this article, it says something about 'She was on her way to a dance with her new boyfriend' or something."

I thought how low I was going to feel knowing I was her husband and then having it mentioned in the article that she was going someplace with her new boyfriend. I felt rather depressed about that.

When the professor came to the end of the article, people began clapping. Louise didn't stand. She just sat there and took it all in.

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