Dream of: 04 April 1985 (2) "Symbol Of Liberty"

I was sitting at the kitchen table of the Gallia County Farmhouse with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel. Also at the table sat an overweight man talking about a farm which he wanted to sell to my grandparents. The farm (close to Gallipolis) was apparently quite desirable. Clarence (even though he hadn't yet seen the farm) was thinking of buying it. The farm would be expensive and was so large, extra help would have to be hired to do the work. I wondered whether Clarence would keep this Farm if he bought the new one. And how would he pay for the new farm? He was on a pension and had quite a bit of money, but he would still have to borrow money to buy the new farm. I hoped he would be able to pay without problem. Obviously he would have to use this Farm and perhaps also his Pike County Farm (a second farm which he owned near Waverly, Ohio) for collateral.

I had eaten a trifling amount of mashed potatoes and rice. Some green beans and corn were also on the table. I hadn't done any exercises before eating, however, and I had recently decided I was going to make it a practice to do some physical exercises each time before I ate. Everyone else was gorging themselves. When the man trying to sell the farm spoke about healthy eating habits, I reflected that he had no room to prescribe eating habits, as overweight as he was.

Someone made the statement that if the new farm were bought, a new table would be needed to accommodate all the new people who would be working on the farm and eating with my grandparents. I hoped Clarence and my grandmother wouldn't forget who had sat at their table when they hadn't had such a large farm.

Clarence and the salesman continued talking and Clarence said he would have to wait until he could see the farm. My grandparents hadn't yet made any commitments and obviously they could reject the farm if they didn't like what they saw. When the man finally left, I was disappointed because I hadn't been able to see the new farm.

My father was also there. I asked him where the new farm was and he said it was on this side of Gallipolis. I tried to remember what the farms in that area looked like, and I concluded the area was good for land.

I walked out onto the front porch and looked down over Symmes Creek, where some large ducks with green and blue heads were floating on the water. My father stepped up behind me and also looked at the ducks.

I finally climbed onto a motorcycle I had there and I headed up the road in the direction of the old Symmes Creek swimming hole, about a kilometer from the Farmhouse. My father started following me on foot, until I stopped and asked him if he wanted to get on the motorcycle with me. He climbed on and I continued on, even though driving was much more difficult and I couldn't go as fast with my father on the back.

We could still see ducks swimming in the creek and flying around above the water. My father mentioned that he had heard a report of a duck which had weighed 1,000 pounds -- he said the duck had been as big as that woman flying in the sky. He then said that a woman was flying up in the sky. I didn't know what he was talking about, but then I noticed, in the direction of the swimming hole, two helicopters flying in the air, and I thought my father might be referring to someone in the helicopters. But I still couldn't imagine a duck as big as a woman, especially one weighing 1,000 pounds.

I had to be careful because quite a few cars were on the road. It was Sunday afternoon and people were going to the creek to either fish or swim. The road was rather narrow and cars were running over large tall weeds growing along the side of the road. I knocked over a few weeds myself. When we finally reached the swimming hole, a number of cars were parked nearby and many people were gathered around.

After arriving at the swimming hole, however, I realized that even while still on my motorcycle, my father and I had entered a part of the Farmhouse which was located at the swimming hole. I hadn't seen this part of the Farmhouse in a long time. Someone had done quite a bit of work on this part of the Farmhouse and had fixed up the rooms, although the work wasn't yet completed. I thought to myself that Clarence and my grandmother had been doing the work, but like everything else they did, they got about half way through and then didn't finish.

I stopped my motorcycle and looked at a couple fireplaces (both of which had intricate designs) which I hadn't noticed before in the Farmhouse. I pointed out one fireplace to my father and he said he likewise hadn't seen it before. I dismounted the motorcycle, sat down to look more closely at the fireplace, and said to my father, "These fireplaces, if these houses were ever torn down, would really be worth something, I'm sure."

My grandmother stepped up and stood right over top of me. Looking up, I could see up her dress to her crotch. She wasn't wearing any panties and I could see her pubic hairs, even her dark-looking vagina.

I asked her if she had seen the fireplace and she said she hadn't. Carved into the fireplace glared an intricate picture, pleasing to behold, of a woman reminiscent of the symbol of Liberty.

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