Dream of: 04 April 1985 "Underground Room"

I was in an underground room which seemed somewhat like a cave. It appeared to be a hospital room and several doctors and patients were in the room. On a table was a device which consisted of several white circular tubes about five centimeters long and about a centimeter in diameter. They were stacked on a tray, four on the bottom and on the row on top was a tube on each end and a space in the middle where there weren't any.

Some men were examining the tubes and apparently they thought they were some kind of bomb. It appeared to me that if the tubes would be turned a certain way, the ones on top would roll off.

The men continued examining the tubes and pushing them around in certain ways. One man seemed to know more than the other about what was going on. The man who seemed to know more pushed the tubes in a certain way and began talking. Everyone else was afraid that if the tubes were pushed too much that they would blow up. But suddenly the man grabbed the tubes and squeezed them in his hand. The tubes turned out to be just clay and the man had planted them there as a decoy for some reason.

I picked up the clay tubes and began squeezing them in my hands over and over. It felt good to squeeze them.

We knew there actually was a real bomber somewhere. The man who had squeezed the tubes began whispering to another man and everyone else in the room left.

From where we were we could see out in front of the cave. A man with some children showed up in front of the cave. We knew he was the man we were afraid of. He showed us a couple of the children. They had cuts and bruises on their arms and were very frightened. One child had something written in gold on his arm. Some security personnel were near the man, but we called them away from him so they wouldn't bother him, because we were afraid he would hurt the children.

The man in the room with me was becoming very serious. I thought I wanted to help him with his project, but at the same time I was unsure I wanted to invest much time working on it.

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