The indictment against Oedipus' having sex with his mother Jocasta as foretold by the oracle of Apollo is at least to some degree the same indictment wherein the Greek Apostle Paul expatiated against sex itself. Since Paul lived 400 years after the time that Sophocles wrote the Oedipus plays, quite possibly Saul was influenced by the tenor of those plays.

Dream of: 03 April 1985 "Like In A Dream"

I was sleeping under a couple covers on a couch in a large room while my mother was sleeping on a couch on the other side of the room. When I awoke, I was nude and had an erection. My mother had a cover over her and I thought about going over to her, slipping under the cover and lying next to her. I stood up thinking about it, but then lay back down thinking, "No, I better not do it. I'll wait a little while. Make sure I'm not just thinking about this, kind of like in a dream, and regret it later."

As I lay there I began imagining what lying next to my mother would be like. She was probably wearing some panties. I could just slip my hand inside her panties and pull her close to me.

As morning approached, I finally stood again and walked over to where my mother was. I slipped under the cover next to her and she didn't object. Her hand brushed past my penis, so she obviously knew I was nude.

First I lay next to her and then I crawled on top of her. I began hunching her and she began hunching me back. I lay beside her again, put my hand on her panties and could feel that she was becoming wet. Again I crawled back on top of her. She was wearing a sweater which I pulled up over her breasts. It was the first time I had ever seen her breasts, although from my position I couldn't see them well.

When I continued hunching her, all the covers fell off us. I pulled her butt up in the air and she raised herself up and pulled my penis toward her face. She then stuck my penis in her mouth and began performing fellatio on me.

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