Dream of: 02 April 1985 "Smuggling Mexicans"

I was thinking about helping smuggle Mexicans into the country. I thought perhaps the Mexicans could meet at a certain place in Mexico on the Mexican side of the border, such as a dance hall. I could meet them there and arrange to have a path laid out so they could cross the border. So the American officials wouldn't be able to see the path, I would use a special paint which would require special glasses to be seen. I would mark trees in the forest with the paint to show where the path was and the Mexicans could then follow the path to freedom.

I thought I could even paint all over the walls of the dance hall, because no one would be able to see the paint without the special glasses. I realized the officials would eventually catch on, get glasses for themselves and foil the plan. But in the meantime, many aliens could enter.

My biggest problem was by doing such a thing I would be conspiring to help the aliens enter the country. I knew that would be a crime, perhaps a very serious one. I began thinking of the nature of conspiracy and I wondered what the difference was between conspiring and actually committing the crime. I could see a difference if the act took place on the spur of the moment; but it seemed that anytime one helped an alien into the country, it would be necessary to conspire. The law seemed unfair in that regard, because anytime someone was helping someone, he could be convicted of conspiracy.

I knew if I were convicted, it would be very serious. Finally I realized I shouldn't help the aliens myself, but I should give legal advice to someone helping them. If that person were arrested, I wouldn't have to go to jail. I would just be a legal advisor. That would be one advantage of knowing the law, because I could protect myself that way.

I was just thinking about doing all that. In the meantime I needed to go to the courthouse for a bankruptcy case. I hadn't been doing bankruptcy cases before. I went to a male clerk in the courthouse and began explaining to him a bankruptcy case I had. He opened a large folder of papers and began explaining to me which court and which judge I would need to go to for that bankruptcy case.

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