Dream of: 24 March 1985 "Skydiving Lesson"

I was taking skydiving lessons. I was in a plane with three other people. All of us had a balloon which we were holding. We were in a huge inner cavern inside the plane. We were already floating around, holding onto our balloons.

We suddenly realized the plane had flown into a cloud bank, and we were unable to tell exactly where we were. We almost ran into a mountain and we realized we would soon have to jump out of the plane. As I headed up toward a hole in the top of the plane so I could jump out, I realized one man (a black fellow) didn't have a balloon. I told him to come with me. I thought he could simply hold onto me when I jumped out the hole. He was rather reluctant. I told him he would be better off to jump out with me than stay in the plane because the plane was going to go down. I said, "What the hell," and I told him I was going to let loose of my balloon as soon as I was clear of the plane. I told him if he held onto me, it would simply mean we would descend a little faster. Of course I knew the descent would be much more dangerous if he were holding onto me, but it was the only chance we had of saving his life. Neither of the other two were volunteering to take him down. 

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