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Dream of: 23 March 1985 (2) "Pilgrim Park"

I was in the back seat of a car being driven by my father in Gallia County, Ohio. A woman was sitting in the front seat with my father and a man was sitting in the back seat with me. The man and woman (both probably in their mid 30s) were dressed up and were professional people. They were married to each other.

My father drove to a park called "Pilgrim Park." We reached a high peak from where we had a long beautiful view. My father said the early pioneers had passed this way and the pioneers had appreciated this view even more than people in Iran appreciated the view of their Iranian mountains.

I had a French grammar which I was reading. For some reason I held the book out the window and dropped it. The book rolled down the road and fell off the bank. We drove down near where the book had fallen and stopped the car. I stepped out to look for the book, but I couldn't see it. We drove down farther and after we had gone a ways, I realized my billfold had also fallen out of the car. I asked my father if he would stop and go back. I had five or six credit cards in the billfold, including a MasterCard. I also had an Impact card in the billfold as well as my driver's license and $25 in cash. My father said he couldn't go back.

Rather upset, I began pouting a little. When we reached the bottom of the hill I said, "Well, I'll have to figure out where we are. I'll have to come back here tomorrow and try to find it."

I looked at road signs trying to figure out exactly where we were. I noticed some stores. I thought perhaps that next day I could get Louise to come back out with me to look for the billfold.

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