Dream of: 20 March 1985 "Blacked Out"

I was sitting on the back porch of the Gay Street House, waiting for my father to come out of the House so we could go somewhere together. I had been waiting for quite a while and was beginning to become impatient.

My brother Chris was also in the House; I wanted to talk with him because I hadn't seen him in such a long time. But I was in too much of a hurry to leave to take time right then to talk with him. Finally I walked into the House to look for my father; I found him and told him I was going to leave without him. He became a bit angry and said, "Well, go ahead and go then."

Before I left, I needed to change my clothes. I went back out to the back porch, found my brown suede shoes sitting there and put them on. I then changed my shirt and pants. It took so long for me to change that by the time I was finished, my father was almost ready to go.

A car pulled up in the parking lot next to the back porch. It looked as if my great-aunt Dorothy and my great-aunt Goldie were in the car. But I didn't think Goldie could be there because I knew she had recently died. They both stepped out of the car and spoke with me.

Another car pulled up with my great-uncle Adolph, my great-uncle Joe and another man in it. Both cars were Volkswagen Rabbits. Joe limped over to the porch steps where I was sitting. I remembered he had recently had a leg removed because of cancer; I thought he must have a wooden leg.

He had a small dog which I thought was probably one of his hunting dogs. I remembered he liked to hunt and I felt disgusted by that fact.

He talked with me for a few minutes until I finally stood and started walking away. I said I needed to go and I waved good-bye. But no one really seemed to notice I was leaving.

I walked around to the Gay Street side of the House looking for my car, and was surprised to see about a dozen pine trees growing between the sidewalk and the street. Apparently my father had planted the trees. They had already grown quite large and were very nice looking. I was impressed. Some other trees and bushes had also been planted there.

I walked on around to the Eighth Street side of the House and found some other large trees had been planted there between the sidewalk and the street. They were large gum trees just like the ones that used to be there which my father had cut down years ago. They were about a half meter in diameter. They didn't have many branches and they weren't very tall, but they had leaves on them and seemed almost picturesque. They were quite beautiful.

But I didn't see my car anywhere. I walked back to the Gay Street side again and finally I saw it parked there. It was a blue Volkswagen Rabbit. I ran toward it. As I did I noticed the stump of one of the large trees my father had cut down years ago was still there. It was about a meter across. Parts of it had decayed away, but part still remained.

I boarded the car and drove away. I picked up Walls, Buckner and Anderson (high school friends); we decided to go out and have a good time. We went to a few different places and began drinking alcohol. We went into one bar where we encountered Debi and Kirsch (two girls I first met in junior high school). They left the bar with us and we all continued riding around and drinking alcohol together. I was having a good time.

We stopped at a little store and walked in. Debi found some kind of small, white, picture-holder which hung on the wall and she said she wanted it. It would cost fifty dollars and I told Debi I would buy it for her. When I paid for it, I was only charged ten dollars. Thinking a mistake had been made, I hurried out of the store.

We next went to a small restaurant and ate. We finished and left. Once outside I realized Anderson had stolen some salt shakers while he had been in the restaurant. I couldn't understand why he had done that.

Next we drove about 15 kilometers north of Portsmouth to the Scioto Breeze drive-in theater. Once inside, I sat in the front seat with Debi and we began kissing. Then I got into the back seat with Kirsch and began kissing her.

We left the drive-in and continued driving around. By that time I had been drinking so much alcohol I could barely remember what was happening anymore.

Suddenly I awoke. It was the next morning and I was at the Gay Street House. I tried to remember what had happened the night before, but it was unclear to me. I realized I had blacked out most of the night and I simply couldn't remember what had happened. But I was ready to begin again. I thought I would call Walls or simply go and pick him up so we could begin another night.

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