Dream of: 19 March 1985 (2) "Abandoned House"

I arrived in New Boston, Ohio. I planned to continue on to the Gay Street House, but I decided I wanted to walk instead of ride, so I began walking through New Boston. I walked past the house where Birdie used to live and I finally reached the viaduct in Portsmouth. I thought my step-grandfather Clarence used to live in the area of the viaduct and I thought the train depot was also in the same area. I wanted to walk through that area to look it over. I soon saw the train depot, which was empty. All that remained were some empty buildings. I walked through a big field in front of the buildings.

Some houses were also near the buildings. Some houses had been abandoned. As I looked over the houses, I ran into Buckner. We talked and walked along in front of the houses. Some looked new. I thought they were made of wood, but upon closer scrutiny I realized the were apartments constructed of metal. It looked as if people were living in them.

We continued on until we reached some abandoned houses and we decided to go into one. We walked inside a house and ascended to the second floor, where we found a furnished bedroom.

Buckner had some beer with him and we drank some. He also had some marijuana and we smoked a joint. Buckner told me Walls had recently been arrested and Walls had been in possession of five hits of acid. Buckner was upset about the arrest. I asked Buckner where Walls had obtained the acid, and Buckner said Walls had obtained the acid from him (Buckner). I asked Buckner if he had any more acid and he said that he did, that he had it on him right now. I told him I would really like to have some. I hadn't tripped in a long time. He said he couldn't give me any, but I persistently kept after him, until he finally pulled a little pill out of his shirt pocket. The pill was yellow, but brown on one side. He also pulled out a little round piece of chocolaty substance about the size of a nickel. It was wrapped in brown foil and looked like a coin. He said I also needed to take half of that. It was also acid.

When I picked up the little pill, I dropped it and it fell on the floor and broke. That bothered me. Buckner and I knelt down on the floor and scrapped together the pieces. We put the crumbs on a piece of paper. There  was one big crumb and a bunch of smaller ones. I thought I would probably end up snorting it. Once I had it all crushed up in the paper, Buckner asked me when I was going to do it. I told him I was going to take it soon.

Suddenly I thought I heard something. I walked over to the door and looked out. I could see someone at the bottom of the stairs. Since I thought trouble might be brewing, I thought I should go ahead and snort the acid.

I walked over to a window and looked out. The window gave onto a porch roof, but I could see some rough-looking characters walking around on the ground below. They hollered up and wanted to know if someone was in the house. I hollered back that Buckner and I were in the house.

They walked closer to the window and started talking. I was apprehensive because we were far away from any other houses. They began threatening us and said they were going to come in. They said that they wanted some beer and that Buckner and I were going to have to go and buy some beer for them. I told them we didn't have any money. When I looked in my billfold, however, I saw that I did have a ten and some ones. However, I didn't want to spend my money for beer for these characters. Buckner, on the other hand, had quite a bit of money and he said he would buy the beer. I was alarmed that he would say such a thing, but I thought to myself that Buckner and I would simply take off and leave.

When the fellows outside began making more threatening remarks, I was afraid they intended to simply try to steal our money from us. I asked the fellows what would happen if we didn't go and get the beer for them and they said they would have to beat us up. I looked at them and said, "Well, you'd go to jail then."

My statement seemed to make them angry and to make them think at the same time. They seemed to be trying to figure out who we were and whether we would report them to the police if they beat us up.

I looked out the door and was able to see into the adjoining room across the hall. A muscular man in a white tee shirt was in the room. He had black hair and was clean-shaven. I had the feeling he might be able to help us. He was getting ready to leave. I said to him, "Don't leave. We'll go with you." 

Just as we were about to leave, the ruffians from outside climbed up through the window and into the room. They asked us if we had any pot. I said, "No," but Buckner said, "Yea," and he pulled out a little tiny thin joint about the size of a toothpick. He told them he could sell the joint to them. I was afraid the strongman across the hall might have heard Buckner and I worried the man might be a cop. Bucker threw the joint down on the window sill and I didn't see what happened to it.

The ruffians began threatening us and one of them grabbed me. The strong man from across the hall came into the room. He had a phone and he was talking with the police. He had been telling the police he didn't think there was trouble, but when he saw that the we had been assaulted, he cried into the phone, "Send the police here immediately! Send the police here immediately!"

The fellow who had assaulted me looked at me and asked me who I was. I said, "I'm an attorney. I'm a prosecutor and I prosecute punks like you every day."

I told him that now that he had assaulted me, it was going to be a real pleasure to make sure he was sent up to jail for the offense. I told him he could just imagine what the jury was going to think about his having tried to beat up a prosecutor.

Obviously very frightened, he stopped hassling me, and I began pushing him around. I pushed him into a corner. Buckner was doing the same thing to one of the other hoods.

One guy was still outside. I told them I was going to give them one chance to get out of there. They immediately started leaving.

I thought to myself that I hadn't exactly spoken the truth, because actually I didn't prosecute punks like him every day, but I defended punks like him.

I realized I should have started feeling the effects of the acid by now, but I really hadn't felt anything yet. I also began wondering about the muscular man from across the hall. I was afraid he might be a policeman, but I wasn't sure.

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