Dream of: 18 March 1985 (2) "Seized Sword"

above all else, the true artist must seize the power to create beauty

A medieval king, one of his subjects and I had arrived at the walls of another king's castle. Detecting activity inside, the three of us climbed a high set of steps to a door at the top. When we knocked, a man came to the door, shut the door and wouldn't let us in.

Enemy soldiers had been chasing us, and when they arrived at the bottom of the stairs, we knew they were going to attack us. Seeing swords hanging nearby, I grabbed one and handed it to the king. I handed a second sword to our other companion and then seized a sword for myself. Even though we knew we had no chance of winning against the hundreds of enemy soldiers at the bottom of the stairs, we stood awaiting their attack.

When I once again knocked on the door, the same man answered the door, but still wouldn't let us in. Before he shut the door again, I saw many people inside.

The attack from below commenced. I picked up a long spear hanging near me and threw it at an attacker at the bottom of the stairs. When the spear struck the man between his legs in the area of his penis, the man bent over with the spear sticking in him.

When an arrow hit the king in the stomach, I caught the king as he fell backwards and I clutched the embedded arrow. I pulled the king toward the door and knocked again. When the door opened this time, I thrashed my sword about until the people inside scattered in front of me. Managing to pull the king inside the door, I closed the door behind me before the attackers could reach us - even though I knew the attackers would quickly batter down the door.

After looking around the room and realizing that everyone inside had disappeared, I decided to convey the king to the basement. I drug the king down the stairs and laid him down. As I looked for a hiding place,  I noticed seats arranged as if for a symphony orchestra. As I picked up a violin, I noticed lights arranged on both sides of the room so as to reflect the shadow of my holding the violin on the wall behind me. As I moved back and forth holding the violin, the shadows resembled bouncing musical notes.

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