Dream of: 11 March 1985 "Drawing A Picture"

After going to Puerto Rico, I entered a building and walked up to the second floor, where I found a bar. I heard some Spanish music playing and realized it was the same type of Spanish music to which I was accustomed in Dallas. It made me feel comfortable to think Spanish music was played throughout Latin America.

I decided to drink something and ordered, although I was unsure what I ordered. The drink I received was half coke and half alcohol. After drinking it, ordering another drink and drinking it, I walked through the rooms of the building and discovered it contained several bars, with quite a few attractive women at them. I didn't really want to try to pick up one of the women, but I was beginning to feel the effect of the two drinks and I thought since I had already gone this far, I might want to try to pick up one of the women.

I continued walking until I finally returned to my original room. There was no place to stand in the bar except in one corner. Some women were in the corner and I thought I might go over there. But instead I went over to the side, lay down and covered myself up. I pulled out a pencil and paper, realized I had been dreaming and began writing the dream down, describing the bars I had been in and how I had walked around in them. I drew a picture of a rectangle to show that the different bars were arranged along the rectangle so if a person walked around the rectangle, he would eventually return to where he had started.

I looked up and saw a tall woman with short blonde hair standing over me. I looked away and when I looked back she was still standing there. I was unsure what she wanted, but obviously she was trying to attract my attention. I said, "Am I in your way?"

She said, "Well, at least you might recognize me."

As soon as she spoke I was frightened, because I thought she was Birdie. I stood up, completely nude except for a blue cover wrapped around me. I still wasn't completely positive she was Birdie and I said, "I did not recognize you with blonde hair."

With her short, blonde hair, she actually didn't look much like Birdie. I recognized her voice more than anything. She was quite slender and was wearing a long coat. She looked upset because I hadn't recognized her. I told her she was very attractive, even though I really didn't think she was extremely attractive, although I did find her somewhat attractive.

It was rather scary seeing her there again and the scene seemed a bit eerie. I wondered if she was having some kind of problem. I really didn't want to be around her. She looked as if she were about to cry because I hadn't recognized her at first.

I certainly was startled to see she had dyed her hair blonde and cut it so short. The last time I had seen her she had sported long black hair.

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