Dream of: 02 March 1985 (2) "Mountain Top"

I found myself walking along a narrow path on the side of a very steep cliff. I looked down to my left and it looked as if it was kilometers to the bottom. To my right the wall of the cliff was extremely steep. I knocked some rocks over the cliff and could hear them falling far down the side. I kept walking along the path, which apparently was circling around to the top of a mountain. As I proceeded, the path became smaller and smaller until I finally reached a spot where the path was completely blocked by dirt and rocks. I began pushing the dirt and rocks out of the way, trying to make a way through it, and finally I pushed a large hunk of it out of the way.

I could see a place above me where I could probably climb straight up to the top. I began climbing. It was quite frightening when I would look down, because it was so steep.

Finally I reached a grassy knoll, where I found a small table with what appeared to be an empty liquor bottle sitting on it. Some maps, one of which was of Texas, were also there. I was unsure, but it looked as if someone had been up there working on something.

A small bird was in a small tree less that 10 centimeters in diameter. An animal began running up the tree, trying to get the bird. I thought the animal was either a beaver or groundhog, probably a beaver. I couldn't see clearly what happened next, but I did see the bird's wings flapping. The beaver finally came back down the tree, and I was unable to tell for sure whether it had gotten the bird.

The area was grassy and quite scenic. I saw there was an easier way to have gotten up here, but I hadn't realized that before. I wouldn't have had to have taken the dangerous route.

The area was rather small. It was round and about 30 meters in diameter. There were a few trees. Obviously someone had been up here, but I couldn't see anyone else now. But suddenly a thin black woman (about 30 years old) seemed to appear out of nowhere and began running toward me. She demanded to know what I was doing there. I was startled to see her there so suddenly.

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