Dream of: 28 February 1985 "Wrong Map"

Weinstein and I left Portsmouth together riding on motorcycles. Anderson followed us on what appeared to be a circular sled. The sled had a bar on it with which Anderson guided the sled as he lay down on it. Snow was on the ground and he glided over the snow behind us.

We rode out into the country and finally became lost. We rode and rode with no idea where we were. We passed some small houses, and finally stopped at one. Anderson had fallen quite far behind. Weinstein and I got off our bikes and walked into the house to ask for directions.

As I looked around, I had the feeling something was strange about the house. Quite a few young boys (probably 15-16 years old) were here; I had the feeling some man was keeping them there against their will.

I wanted to go back and look for Anderson, so Weinstein and I walked back outside. We walked back up the road a ways to a place where some water was on the road and where I suddenly saw Anderson's sled turned over on the road. It appeared Anderson had obviously crashed into the water. I reached into the water, pulled Anderson out and laid him on a snowbank beside the water.

I felt for a pulse, but I couldn't feel any. I began pumping on Anderson's chest and water gushed from his mouth. Weinstein walked up beside me. I kept pumping and pumping, but finally turned to Weinstein and said, "We're going to have to give him artificial respiration. Do you know how?"

I had an idea of how it was done, but I wasn't completely sure. Weinstein however did know how and began giving Anderson mouth to mouth resuscitation. He continued for about 15 minutes, but he couldn't get any response.

I was rather despondent at that point. I wandered off by myself and walked around for a little bit. Since I knew Louise was staying in a bedroom in the back of a house nearby, I went to the house. I thought Louise had just arrived at the house that day and I was afraid she was being kept in the house against her will. I went to the bedroom window, tapped on it and hollered her name twice.

I thought I could see her inside, but she wouldn't answer me. She wanted me to go away. I hollered twice that Anderson was dead.

She still couldn't seem to hear. I pushed the window up and pushed out the screen. She was standing right in front of me and I again hollered out, that Anderson was dead.

She seemed completely unconcerned and unbothered about the matter.

I thought I needed to try to help her escape from here; but some people entered the room and it was obvious she wanted to stay there with them. I thought they were probably going to come out and try to chase me away, so I just walked away.

I walked back over to the house where Weinstein and I had originally gone. A fellow came out who said he was sorry to hear about Anderson having died like that. I walked into the house with the fellow and he asked me how we had gotten lost. Some other fellows were also there. I wasn't so worried now about being held here.

I explained to them that I had picked up the wrong map. I had a map of Germany with me instead of a map of Ohio. Consequently when we had been riding around I hadn't known where we were.

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