Dream of: 23 February 1985 "Woman's Viewpoint"

I was a woman in a house with a man who was my husband. A special sexual meeting was going to be arranged for us tonight. When I met my husband in front of the bedroom, he was wearing a long, black, felt-like robe. Together we entered the bedroom.

He inserted his penis into my vagina and began having sex with me. At first I wondered whether I was lubricated enough so it wouldn't hurt me. I also wondered whether his penis would stay strong and erect, or whether he would just jump on and then jump off.

He was a stalwart, black-haired fellow (about 40 years old). He had a bit of stubble on his face.

We continued having sex until I finally awoke and realized I had been dreaming. I was lying in a bed with Birdie. I thought about the dream. It was interesting because it had given me insights into having sex. I now had a better idea of the woman's viewpoint in having sex.

I decided I wanted to immediately have sex with Birdie to test out some of my new knowledge. I pulled her close to me. I wanted to make sure she was sufficiently lubricated so I wouldn't injure her in any way when I inserted. I also wanted to feel as if I had a strong erection so she wouldn't think I was trying to hurry things up.

After we began having sex, I heard someone outside the room. With my penis still inserted in her, I picked Birdie up and carried her to the door. She was afraid I was going to carry her outside, but we just went to the door and I closed it. We then went back to the bed and continued having sex.

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