Dream of: 20 February 1985 "Gold And Treasure"

While sitting in the back of a classroom which contained several people, I dozed off and then woke back up. I realized it was ten till seven and I didn't think the other students would be awake yet. When I looked around, however, all the others were awake and the teacher (a man) appeared to be waiting for me to awaken. I got busy, stayed for most of the day, then went back to sleep.

When I awoke again, it was almost 8 o'clock the next morning. When I looked around this time, the other students were still asleep. I got up and gradually the other students also got back up.

The teacher handed back some papers. On the first paper he handed me, I had received a C. On the second one, I had received a D-. Obviously I hadn't done well. The second paper had many red marks on it. On that particular paper I had made some purple drawings with a purple marker before handing in the paper.

I didn't know anyone in the class, although the fellow sitting in front of me reminded me of Ron Hurley. I saw some fellows toward the front of the class and thought I might like to meet them.

I left and another person left. The person wanted to show me something and took me to what appeared to be either Roman or Inca ruins. The place appeared to be an ancient stadium which was falling apart. The person wanted to show me something which the person had found here. The person pulled a blanket off some small statuettes. One statuette looked like a rabbit which reminded me of Buggs Bunny. I thought it was very old and must be worth a lot of money.

I looked around and everything appeared made of sandstone. I decided I would like to see if I could also find something. Around us were bleachers and I decided to walk up them. I walked all the way to the top of the bleachers, looked back down and thought to myself, "Where am I?"

Far down at the bottom, on what appeared to be a stage, appeared to be someone who I didn't want to see me.

I noticed some boards in the top row of seats and I slid them back. I then jumped down into the hole which was created and I thought, "Well, maybe I'll find a lot of gold down here, gold and treasure."

I pulled the boards over top me. I had barely finished when I heard people walking around above me. I knew they were trying to find me.

Looking below me, I saw that there was still another level down there, and that people were also walking down there. I dropped down into the other level where I saw some people down and I tried to hide from them. I found some more boards which I moved to the side and I descended into another hole. I thought I might just keep going down farther and farther until I found gold. I was unsure I would find any gold, but I thought at least I would try.

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