Dream of: 11 February 1985 "Leaving The Party"

I went to Portsmouth, picked up Birdie, and took her to a gala party in a large gymnasium. Hundreds of people were present, everyone was dressed up, and many important people were there. I saw Weinstein, who had invited me to the party. Birdie and I separated and although I didn't see much of her, I was having a good time. I wondered whether she was telling people she was married to Rick (her husband). 

Deciding to leave, I walked outside. Quite a few other people were leaving at the same time. I walked toward my car which was parked down the street. When I reached a corner and started to cross the street, a woman drove up in a fancy Rolls Royce. One tire was missing so the car was running on the silver rim. I walked up to the car and asked the woman, "Do you know one of your tires is missing?"

She answered, "Yes."

Since she acted as if I was being officious, I walked away. She signaled to me to come back and get in the car. I slowly headed back to her car, intending to get in, but she drove off. When I saw her pull over farther down the street, I headed toward her. I was in no hurry, and when I saw the shoestrings on my brown shoes had come loose, I stopped to tie them. She drove off again.

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