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Dream of: 03 February 1985 "Smuggling Guns"

I was at Walls' house, which seemed like the house in which Sussie used to live in Portsmouth. Buckner and some other people were also here and I was telling them about several items of contraband which I had bought from some people who had illegally imported the contraband into the United States.

One of the items was a large colored, painted mask which had come out of Africa.

I had also bought a large, square piece of gold which I had then sold. But I regretted having sold, it because I apparently had sold it too cheaply.

We also talked about some guns which someone else had been smuggling. I made it clear that I definitely didn't smuggle guns.

While we were sitting here, Walls brought out some drugs and showed them to us. The drugs also had apparently been smuggled in.

Buckner finally left and the rest of us continued talking for quite awhile. The phone rang and Walls went over to it. I could hear Buckner saying on the other end, "Get out of there, the police are on the way."

He then added something like, "They found the guns."

The four of us still left immediately jumped up and dashed out to my car sitting in front of the house. We quickly jumped into the car and drove off. I asked Walls if he had left any drugs back there. He said, "Uh, oh, yes."

But then he added that there had only been a few drugs left, that he had dropped them on the floor and that he didn't think the police would search where he had dropped them.

As we drove off, I tried to make clear to the others that I hadn't been dealing in guns. That was one kind of thing which I didn't smuggle. Meanwhile I thought to myself that even though the police were coming, I wouldn't be guilty of anything dealing with what they were searching for. I began wondering about the kind of person who would deal in guns. He would surely have to be an intelligent person. The person would need to know about different countries and their laws. For example, I thought it was difficult to import guns into Hong Kong. The idea of helping people kill themselves by smuggling in guns for them repulsed me, even though I normally didn't feel guilty about smuggling other things into countries when the laws didn't permit their entry.

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