Dream of: 01 February 1985 "Submerged Cars"

While sitting in the Gallia County Farmhouse, I suddenly heard a large crash which appeared to have come from the bridge which crosses Symmes Creek in front of the Farmhouse. After jumping up, I grabbed a camera, hurried outside and ran down to the bridge.

I found tire marks on the bridge, but no cars. I carefully examined the marks, which clearly showed a car had been traveling from the west, had crossed the center line and had run head-on into a car traveling from the east. Both cars had then plummeted off the east side of the bridge.

I was concerned that no one would bother the tracks and erase them because the tracks clearly indicated who had been at fault in the accident.

Apparently the cars were submerged under water because I couldn't see anything. Meanwhile, someone else had run down to help me.

My father was in the Farmhouse. I hollered up to him that the cars had gone into the water and he hollered back at me not to go into the water. Nevertheless, I quickly took off my shoes and ran down the steep bank to the water's edge. The other person followed me down.

I waded into the water up to my knees and began feeling around with my hands under the water. I felt something move, grabbed it, and pulled it out of the water. It was a baby about 30 centimeters long. I handed it to the other fellow, who said the baby was still alive and breathing.

After he had laid the baby on the bank, I continued feeling around, until I felt something else moving in the water, something so small it fit into the palm of my hand. I thought it was probably the innards of a person; but it was another tiny baby, still alive, whose right arm had been cut off. I likewise handed it to the fellow.

I thought if someone trapped under the water grabbed my arm, he might pull me under and there would be nothing I could do. I became frightened and moved back onto the bank.

I figured I needed a tobacco stick which I could poke down into the water so someone could grab it then I would be able to pull them out. But I didn't have a tobacco stick handy. So it appeared I couldn't do much else to help anybody.

I thought if everyone died in the accident, it would be difficult to determine which car had been going in which direction since both the cars were now under water.

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