Dream of: 30 January 1985 "Civil Process"

I was sleeping in a front bedroom in the 29th Street House, which also reminded me of the Ressinger House. When morning came I arose, looked through the bedroom door into the living room and saw two young fellows and an older man sitting there. The young fellows were probably about 18 and the man was probably around 40. I heard my mother talking with them and realized they were moving into the House for a while.

I gathered from the conversation that there were actually six of them all together and that they were actors in a play. They had originally planned to rent rooms in the house next door. But when they arrived that morning to rent the rooms, the man who owned the house had refused to let them in. My mother, out of the goodness of her heart, had invited them to stay in our House.

After my mother left, I walked into the living room and introduced myself to the men as my mother's son. I spoke with them and asked them about the situation. I asked, "Was there an agreement between you and the man to rent rooms in his house?"

After they told me there had been such an agreement, I proceeded to explain to them that there was a good chance they could sue the man and recover damages. I asked how much the rent would have been and they told me it would have been $1,500.00 apiece for them. After figuring that would have been $7,5000, I said, "You could get $7,500.00 for all of you."

They liked that idea. The older man said, "Yea. And maybe we could have him put in jail too."

I said, "No. This is not a criminal procedure. You cannot have him arrested. This is a civil process between two citizens."

 They asked me if I were a lawyer and I replied, "Yea. I'm a lawyer. But I'm not a lawyer here in Ohio. I'm a lawyer in Texas."

I explained to them I couldn't actually represent them in a case here in Ohio, but I could help them along.

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