Dream of: 27 January 1985 (3) "Pet Bear"

While driving around Portsmouth, I pulled into a parking space. Another car with three women and a man pulled into the parking space in front of me. The women were all attractive and one had rather large breasts. Her top was so revealing I could almost see her nipples. One of the other women was also wearing a scanty top. As I watched, they all stepped out of their car and walked into a house.

I pulled out and drove to the Gay Street House where I saw my father standing on the porch. I stopped the car, stepped out, and walked up to him. He was glad to see me.

My brother-in-law James (cutting the grass) mentioned his new hair cut; his hair had indeed been cut rather short.

After a man walked by, I looked out into the street and saw a small bear, apparently my father's pet. When the bear growled like a dog at the man walking by, the man screamed at it and the bear went away.

My father asked me if he could borrow my truck later. I was unsure what he was talking about, but then remembered I had a light-brown truck which I had left in Portsmouth about two blocks away. I thought I would let him use it.

My father looked at me and said, "It's not very hot yet. But later on in the day it's going to get very hot."

I realized what he was saying was true. Since I was wearing some heavy clothing, I thought I would need to change into lighter clothing.

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